For Sale: Gran Turismo DD Pro (8nm)

I bought this Gran Turismo DD Pro (8nm) on March 10, 2022 because the CSL DD (8nm) was not in stock at the time. Now the CSL DD (8nm) is in stock, but Fanatec only has a 15 day return period ( I assumed it was 30 days), so I can't return it. I asked but they won't make the exception. I don't even have a Playstation! Anyway, I want to sell this kit in order to get the stand-alone CSL DD (8nm). I've only used the DD Pro base. The steering wheel and the pedals are still in the box. Anyone interested? I'm asking $800 and you'll also save $66 on tax. You pay shipping to anywhere in the USA. I can take Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo, etc.


  • Milo VMilo V Member

    Would it be possible to only buy the DD Pro base?

  • Tim CapeTim Cape Member

    I’ll buy if possible to ship to South Africa

  • I'm not selling the GT DD Pro kit after all. The CSL DD was defective out of the box so I returned it and kept the GT DD Pro. Thank you for your inquiries.

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