Gt Dd pro No power


anh other people experience no more power on the GT dd pro? I was driving GT7 and out of nothing the wheel stops working, i unplugged, plug back, but no power, no lights on the on/off button. After a time, i tried again but same problem. Anybody that can help? The wheel is 4 weeks old.


  • Do you know anyone with a CSL DD or GT DD base to try out their psu?

  • Hello, no dont know anyone. Waited 2weeks already, still no answer. Dont know what to do anymore, tried everything to contact them. But no answers at all

  • J0ergJ0erg Member

    My dd Pro is also broken after 1 month,

    Service does not response, no other contact reachable.

    Really bad experience

  • J0ergJ0erg Member

    My base is working (with the PC sw as long as I have disconnected the wheel)

    When I connect the wheel, connection is lost , and nothing works anymore.

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