Shifter bendix scratches after 3 days of use.

After 3 days of using ma new CSL 1.5 SQ shifter

, I noticed a scratch on a plastic (probably) bendix, near 2 gear axis. Is it normal or should I RMA this. That's just aesthetics, but I'm not sure if this may cause any problems in future.


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Jakub,

    It is normal for this area of the shifter to show signs of use over time. However, the single line on yours is a bit unusual. Maybe some larger piece of grit got suck in between the two surfaces. It is extremely unlikely that this will cause issues over time, but feel free to contact support (via the My Products section of your Fanatec account) if you would like us to look at it.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    Thanks. I realized that I have similar linear scratch one the opposite side (next to 1 gear). Probably that plastic cap is assembled a little too high and left side of it has contact with upper cover of shifter's case.

    I guess it's only visual problemand generally I wouldn't care but I don't want any plastic filings to mess with shifter mechanism.

    PS I made a simple test. Tried to slide a piece of paper into the space between case cover and plastic cap. It slides easily around all cover except two places. Arrows points places which are too narrow to put a piece of paper and these are the places where scratches occured.

  • I am sure you can undo the top lid and lightly file down that area a bit to give a bit more wiggle room.

  • I'm sure you can't. The shifter mechanism is attached to the top lid - much more disassembly would be required which I wouldn't advise on an item that is new and covered by warranty. You would know this if you you had ever opened one. :-)

  • I'm not going to disassemble that. It's brand new, shipped last Wednesday. Maybe it's my little OCD, but on the other hand shifter is brilliant and I want it to serve for years. So even tiny issues are annoying.

  • If you have access to an air compressor with a blow gun attachment, I'd try hitting that area with air, and try to point the 'nozzle' right at the gap between the round part that moves and the top cover of the shifter. Probably a tiny piece of metal got trapped under there and scratched it. There's a good chance it's not even there anymore, it could have caused a scratch and then moved/fell out on its own during normal use.

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