Strange, but driver 440 seems to fix FH5 crash issue.

I only saw driver 440 fixed ACC cpu loading issue in it's release note, but some people talking about this driver fixed FH5. So I gave it a try. I tested the crach issue by switcing cars, it usually crashes about switching 3~5 cars. But using driver 440, I siwtched 10+ cars and over 1 hour driving, the game didn't crash.

Maybe you can try it.


  • I have now also installed the 440 beta driver and tested it for 1 hour in Horizon 5.

    Changed cars multiple times, fast travel and arcade games. All without crashes.

    I'll keep testing it over the next few days.

  • I have now tried 440 driver with csl DD pro 8nm (comp mode) for about 5-7 hours in fh5 (pc ms store) not a singel crash, done little of everything, longest session was about 2 hours, did trails, story and more.

  • Good that driver 440 managed to fixed the FH5 issue. That is what we need new drivers to do isn't it? Thank you to the developers!

  • Funny how people swore that it was Playground/Turn 10's responsibility to get this issue fixed, and now all of a sudden, a new driver from Fanatec appears and everything is just peachy. 🤔

  • Yeah its a bit wierd, i tried the driver 439 with forza, i cud drive but when changing car or anything else made instant crash, and then 440 beta got out, all crashes gone.

    But we all know playground has some issues with fh5, thats not really news. So this might been a work around.

  • After 5 months and although it is not a sim, just fun, I am kinda excited to confirm that FH5 is running absolutely smooth with driver 440. No frame drops, stuttering or crashes. I have also reinstalled FH5 on a SSD, don‘t know if that also helps.

    Thanks Fanatec and please do not change that behavior in the big driver rewrite ;)

  • But it's still strange why the same hardware, drivers and firmware on FH4 never had crashing issues. But since FH5 it kept crashing etc...

    I have not tried 440 yet still on an older driver but also with my older I had sometimes no issues for hours. But then al of a sudden it could crash every minute.

    Will try 440 tonight to see if it helps to prevent crashes.

  • Totally confirm, since update to 440 works like a charm. No crash. And ffb feels just great (for Forza).

  • FH4 microsoft store version is fine, but steam version has same issue. Maybe FH5 used the code from FH4 steam.

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    Can confirm 440 works like a champ. I received my CSL DD about a week ago, and FH5 would run for maybe 5-10 min and then CTD....

    I updated to the 440 drivers 2 nights ago and have played for 3-4 hrs each night with multiple car swaps, online races with friends, custom events, etc. and have had no CTD issues. Don't know what Fanatec did with the 440 drivers, but they are working great for me. 😁

    Now if only I could get the FFB sorted it would be great.........

  • Same here. Since upgrading to 440 I havent had a single crash.

  • Yup, I was asking this same question regarding the differences between the old old 346 driver and all the newer drivers previous to 440.

    I would love to see a Public Postmortem Discussion on this by Fanatec.

    It's a shame there was so much finger pointing instead of getting to the core issue. PG also was finger pointing and even closing tickets, but eventually added it to the Known Issues Page. But one way or another, here we are.

    That said, the new driver is fantastic!

    Everything I tested is fixed and the FFB is so much better than 346 IMO.

    Tested all the things that used to crash for me, and everything is good so far.

    These Include:

    1. Long distance driving in open world.
    2. Racing Events
    3. Changing Cars
    4. Fast Travel
    5. Swapping the steering wheel for another wheel

    Most of the above issues are loading issues, and I didn't see many topics about the wheels swapping, but it was hard to even get to that with how fast the game was crashing out previously.

    This is all on the GT DD Pro BTW.

    Feel free to verify.

    Now I just need to make sure GT7 and ACC are still working :o

  • I would be interested to hear about this from Fanatec as well.

    That said, crashing is gone with 440 on my DD1 as well.

  • where can i find this 440 beta driver??

  • thank you very much sir

  • I thought 440 isn't a beta driver. So why is it listed in the beta driver category?

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    Because every driver since forever is listed there because the forum Software is... Not good... And does not allow any posts in the regular driver category.

    As it's mainly the BMW M4 GT3 release driver, it was decided to only upload it on the webshop page of the wheel as it requires a HUGE amount of work to upload it to every product page and the changes were not significant enough to do that because, as said, it's mainly targeted for BMW M4 GT3.

  • ANYONE having problems with the ffb and vibration isnt working? Tried everything I could think of but not working =( Csl dd on pc

  • HOORAY! I Just discovered V440 on this forum by happenstance. I have installed it and haven't looked back.

    It just happens to have finally resolved all of the crashing issues in FH5 once and for all.

    Also, if you haven't upgraded PSU's from 5nm to 8nm I would suggest doing that as well on any CSLDD. It has made a significant difference and I couldn't be happier.

    Thank you Fanatec! You've come through with a fantastic hardware setup for racing-sim novices like myself, you have delivered on your promises, you have restored my faith in your commitment to customer satisfaction and you have made a fan in doing so.

    BTW, I'm not affiliated or associated with Fanatec in anyway... I'm just a HAPPY end user.

  • has anyone lost FFB/VIB when going to 440? yes it has fixed my crashing (GT DD PRO), but now I have virtually no effects through the wheel.

  • Ignore above, clean driver re-install did the trick. Now for good settings, another challenge!

  • Kind of late with this reaction. But Fanatec if you are reading this. I put aside this simcade game due to the crashes constantly. I really would like some explanation on how Maurice from Fanatec was saying it was Microsoft/FH5 software issue, and not Fanatec. Was that really the case?????? Nice that it's fixed though. But really lame that this couldn't have been done sooner.

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