I have a few questions about the PODIUM BUTTON MODUL RALLY / M-SPORT BUTTONBOX...

Is there a rough timeframe for the release of the buttonbox?

And is it possible to use the buttonbox without a fanatec wheel base?

Unfortunately, I switched to a SIMUCUBE setup a long time ago and would really like to have this button box:D

Maybe there is a way to connect the button box directly via USBC or something similar...

I would be very happy to get some information.

Kind regards

Stephan Bollig


  • edited April 2022

    There is no info about a release date.

    However, whats for sure is that it wont be possible to connect it via a regular USB-C data port so it will only be compatible when connected to a Fanatec Hub - like the Button Module Endurance already.

    So if you want to use it, you would need to switch back into the Fanatec Ecosystem ...

  • Thanks for the fast answer!!!

    is it a new connection typ or is it the same on all the buttonboxes?

    With kind regards


  • It's the same connection as the Button Module Endurance is using: USB-C. But can only be operated when connected to a Fanatec Hub, not when connected to a regular USB Port from a USB Hub or Mainboard or whatever.

  • So it is not possible to connect it directly to a PC because in another chat someone sad it would be possible...

    Did they patch that?

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