Is there an active list of games that support direct drive wheelbases in native PC mode?

I can't seem to find one so I figured I should probably post it here. Looking to see if someone keeps an active list of all games that are supported by direct drive wheels in native PC mode. Specifically I have the CSL direct drive. I would like to use it in PC mode instead of compatibility mode if games support that feature. I have the Porsche endurance module and it would be nice to use that OLED screen if it's supported. I believe I can use the workaround with Fanalab and may have to try that if that's my only option. However if anybody has created and keeps an updated list of games that support the direct drive wheelbases in native PC mode that would be great.


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    The ITM is controlled via FanaLab exclusively and therefore works on both native PC and PC Compatibility mode, ITM is not supported natively by any game in any mode and the mode Doesnt matter for FanaLab usage, it's only relevant if you want to use Display and LEDs natively without FanaLab, and the list for native support is rather short atm: ACC, AMS2, F1 2021, iRacing, R3E. But as you want to use the ITM the mode doesnt matter anyway because ITM only works via FanaLab..

    Also technically there is zero difference between the modes so it really Doesnt matter at all.

  • Thanks Maurice. Trying to wrap my head around fanalab. May end up just skipping it as it looks a bit complicated. I would just like to get some use out of the fancy OLED screen on my Porsche endurance module and currently all the games I play only show gear. I was hoping some of the games might support that screen natively but it looks like I'm going to have to learn how to tinker if I want to see other stats.

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