Forza Horizon 5 FFB is surprisingly good

I have to admit, when I decided to try my new GT DD Pro with FH5, my expectations were very low. Much to my surprise, the FFB is very good! Is it on the same level as a finely tuned ACC? No, but for what it is, it's excellent. I just had to turn the damper slider all the way down but after that, no complaints at all honestly! The self aligning torque changes depending on your current car's steering ratio, tire width and compound so driving something like a stock 1970 Dodge Charger gives a light, "lazy" feel to the wheel while a 911 GT2 RS is more direct and heavier feeling, just like it should be.

If Playground Games could fix the wheel animation for 900+ degrees, add hands and wheel toggle, and cockpit camera adjustments, it would be darn near perfect!


  • I actually use the dashboard camera then widen the game FOV to the max (I think it is 55?). I have a wheel and hands, don't need to see them in game.

  • I love the FFB in this game. I think it's better than GT7's. And I like the dash cam as well. Another thing I'd like to see GT7 get.

  • It is very decent FFB, the problem is dialling in decent settings that cover the vast array of cars and surfaces. This game is like dirt rally + need for speed + gran turismo all rolled into one. I'm finding a very decent middle ground by leaving Fanatec driver settings largely alone, with just NPD around 20-30 and scaling on LINEAR. INT around 1-2. SEN on Auto or you'd be constantly altering it.

    In-game I'm leaving Vibration scale at 0.5, and toning Force Feedback Scale to 0.6, center spring and wheel damper scale down to 0.2, the rest on 1 aside from the road scales put them to around 0.5 ish.

    The above is for a GT DD PRO 8nm unit. Compatibility mode of course.

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