[Resolved] Fed ex problems maybe fanatec?

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So I was instructed to just download the actual fed ex app as sometimes fanatec never updates the order status. I did that and lo amd behild I have a pending delivery. It was supposed to be here yesterday. Now it's pending with no definite delivery date. I know the fanatec website states once shipped the tracking number is under the order page amd there's nothing there...yet according to fed ex they've already received it amd it has a tracking number. Last scan was on the 15th leaving the fed ex origin facility. The automated number only states that its on its way to my local delivery hub and thats it. So I'm guessing it's almost here or has it even left the fanatec warehouse? If it has what haven't they even bothered to update the delivery status? I'm just slightly apprehensive because this was an expensive item. I've emailed them but I'm sure it'll be a few days before I get s response. I plan on ordering the load cell kit and boost kit at a later date but hope it's not as hectic as this. I just wanna know where the package is. Is it still in California or is it on the way? Maybe easter messed things up a bit. In any event, it's hard as hell to get ahold of either fanatec or fed ex


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