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I placed my order on the 8th March with an expected delivery date of 28th April due to the delay in the CLS DD. I received no contact from Fanatec from the day of purchase and checked online yesterday to see that the CLS DD availability date had been changed to 30th May. After not receiving any email update as to when my order would arrive i jumped on the live chat only to be told my order had been delayed until 30th May and they stated i should of received an email by now regarding this with no luck after checking both my spam and main email boxes. i'm basically stuck now as i ordered this before the price increase and if i were to cancel and reorder it would cost me £400 more for the order i originally made. i asked for an exact date my order would be shipped but they couldn't provide me with one. Live chat was an absolute joke!


  • I think that Fanatec will not ship at all by the end of the month and does not want to give news so as not to have the orders canceled, they always say that the delays are due to the pandemic, bullshit, the world goes on, companies are working, if they wanted to do pre-orders had to charge a small amount and the rest when the order was ready to ship, so I'm sure they would have been much quicker and instead they charge everything right away and they immediately got our money without waiting for anything, this is behavior not very serious about us who give him our money to be able to buy bread.

  • Your absolutely right mate! Quick enough to take the money from customers but then don't provide you update on where your order is! If they spent more time investing in their customer service team rather than trying to sponsor every motorsport event they can lay their eyes on then maybe we all wouldn't have these issues.

  • You find me perfectly agree with your thought, we end users do not enjoy tattaa the attention that in the end we deserve because it is us ordinary people who allow fanatec to move forward

  • I think they themselves do not know when your order can be shipped. Must be a delay in the supply chain in manufacturing. Just got to manage your expectations or better still do not have any expectation.

    VRS have a system where you go on a wait-list till the item is available then you have the option to pay for it within 48hrs. After that it goes to the next person on the wait-list. Wonder if that system is better in terms of cancellations.

    I guess you can still cancel your order but if you are not in the EU, then you might lose out in currency exchange rates when you get a refund.

    I am not sure how it was before Fanatec became this big in the sim market, ie, when they were one of the upcoming companies in the industry. Now that they have established themselves, and have gone mainstream rather than the niche market, customer services have been lacking.

  • I don't want to cancel as i ordered before the price increase so i managed to get what i wanted for around £770 but if i was to cancel and reorder it would cost around £1100 now.

  • I ordered my CSL DD 29th January with availability date in April which then changed to July and now to open. They took my money in January and now the item shows Sold Out. I have ordered items from other companies this year that were in short supply and received them within three days. How many months will it take to receive what I ordered form Fanatec?

  • Do not look at the availability date in the shop. Do go into your Order under your account and you will see the availability date there.

  • Under my account Order status "The order is in process" and when I view Actions, Status "Open", no availability date listed.

  • Exactly the same with me, I ordered on 21st March with availability showing 28th April. Now showing 30th May so I assumed that was for new orders and mine would be dispatched still.

    I'm waiting until the 28th to see if it gets dispatched, but I've had ZERO email about any delays.

    If it's not dispatched I will cancel my order and get a Simagic/SimCube instead.

  • When the dates change, you will not be notified. you just have to check back on the status each week or so.

    With China going into lock down, and if you do not have another base to use and need it urgently, i suggest you get a base from somewhere in stock.

    Your orders will be delayed further with the silly Chinese trying for zero covid. And the Russians going for war! Silly communists... Next are the North Koreans!

  • I’m in the exact same boat.

    april 1st I order DD pro bundle. - this item has been in shipping process for 3 weeks.

    on April 10 I order the McLaren gt3 wheel. - this item is almost arrived.

    how can April 10 item move faster than April 1st item.

    very bad first experience !

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    I've sent and email (over a week ago) and Tweeted them. If I don't get a reply within April I am going to cancel my €800 order and take my business elsewhere. There are other good DD manufacturers out there.

  • Depends on how much you value after sales customer service and as someone else has mentioned, if all is good, it is fine, if something goes wrong you will be out for at least 6 weeks for the return and replacement.

  • I did a pre-order in Jan. Been processed and completed today. My pre-order date was 27-04-22. Now just waiting on UPS app to update.

  • Update: Received an email stating my order will be shipped on 27th April. Waiting all yesterday for an email to say it has been dispatched but had nothing. Status of my order states 'The order has been processed' great, but i still don't have an actual date for when my order will arrive. Have emailed them twice and now their live chat is no longer available very frustrating now.

  • Update: Received my rig last week plugged everything in to find out that my load cell and throttle were not working. Brake pedal worked fine as a clutch and brake but no detection on the load cell or throttle. Have opened a ticket with Fanatec to resolve this but luckily a friend had a spare set of CSL pedals for me to borrow until Fanatec actually sort my pedals. Anyone know how long it takes for the support team to get back to you and how the return system works? Will i have to pay the import taxes again or will Fanatec cover this? Already paid £140 for them already so not really prepared to pay again for an issue that isn't my fault.

  • I ordered my CSL DD 29th January, received 17th May. Still trying to find the setting that make my driving experience the best.

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