Podium Button Module Endurance with Podium Advanced Paddle Module. Clutch bite point set.

With the Forumla V2 wheel + dual clutch it's easy to adjust the clutch bite point, but with the PBME + dual clutch there doesn't seem to be a way because it's missing the extra buttons/switches of the FV2.

I found a video for adjusting it, but it's on the Mclaren wheel, which again has stuff that the PBME does not.

The only way I've found is to use the latest Fanalab software, but annoyingly it doesn't save the clutch bite point when you save the profile for a car.

So is there way to adjust the PAPM dual clutch on the PBME? And if so, how is it done please?

Thank you.


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    Just set the ACP mode to Clutch Bite Point in the Tuning Menu and then you can easily adjust the CBP the exact same way as on Formula v2 and McLaren.

    Important is just to be on the Legacy OLED page and not on an ITM page as on ITM the CBP is not shown.

    Alternatively you can also adjust the CBP in both the Driver UI and Fanalab and the CBP will be saved to the profile when you save it so it gets loaded automatically next time you load that profile. If this is not working then you use incompatible Software. Make sure to use Fanalab 1.63 or 1.63.6 and Driver 439 or 440.

  • Thank you Maurice.

    I'm trying to access Legacy mode. The pdf manual says to press and hold the Tuning button then rotate the funky switch. This works fine, however after a few seconds it defaults back to ITM mode and does not give me enough time to pull the clutches in and adjust the bite point with the funky switch.

    Same thing happens if I try to access Legacy mode on the DD2 by press and holding the Tuning button and using up/down on the funky switch. It works, but only stays there for a few seconds before going back to ITM.

    How do I get the the PBME or DD2 to stay in Legacy mode long enough for me to adjust the clutch bite point?

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    Close FanaLab or disable ITM in Fanalab or disable auto-page-switch feature / Favorite Page in ITM, otherwise it's intended that it will always switch back to ITM as that's a feature you have enabled.

  • Thanks a lot, that info got both working.

    Legacy mode sorted.

    Updating from 436 to 439 driver saves the CBP in the profile now.

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