clubsport Pedals V3 damper

I have made so many changes to try and get my pedals right that I want to start over. How can I put the damper back to the original factory setting?


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Stephen,

    I believe the V3 damper kits typically start at zero from the factory, but that might not always be the case.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Not sure what you mean with factory setting...but about 10 days ago I finally managed to have sone free time to mount 2 dampers on my brand new V3 (I got it in jamuary and still no chance of using it).

    • they were both at 0 as Dominic said
    • the “mech” displacenent was identical on both dampers, about 22-23 threads from the back, I have a picture right out of the box.

    Having said that I don’t get your worries, you should start simply by placing the damper and have no force applied to the piston shaft. Loosen the two screw on the body block top and adjust the distance as long you see the pedal moving backwards.

    From here is up to you then.

    One thing I found out myself is that on the throttle pedal the vibration motor, even using the new included bracket, is smashing onto the damper block; I had to remove the damper and dismount everything as I would to change the spring... then with one 17mm wrench I adjusted the pedal shaft travel and voilà, now The motor is not touching.

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
    edited April 2022

    Doesn't the damper actually dampen the responsiveness of the brake and throttle?

    I know... to make it feel like an actual car's brake and throttle...

  • Hi David!

    Well a lot of people don't like to have these dampers around, but I had for one year my CSL Elite LC pedal set (the old and gold one, first model very sturdy and solid) with one damper on each pedal and I loved it, especially when pedals are released and have to 'follow' back your feet.

    So when I decide to get the V3 set for my new rig i went for the 'full package' just in case, I'm in Europe and every shipment from Fanatec since 2017 has been flawless, truly honest, but why spend extra money for another shipment?.

    So I've mounted on throttle and brake, did not fitted any of the elastomers in the Brake performance kit yet.....but my total time test with the new rig and stuff amounts at a whopping......22 minutes maybe? .

    So there's a chance I do not like the feeling...not a problem, I'll sell the extra stuff as I'm about to do with unused material fform the DD Pro bundle (clamp and pedal set, along with Playseat alcantara and the CSL LC 'old' pedal set).


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