First time using Gran Turismo DD Pro. Fingers numb/tingles after 20 min, paddles hit thumbs

Hey all,

Upgraded from a G29 I've been using on GT for a year or so. homemade seat rig.

dont have the pedals mounted proper yet, that 275mm spacing is non convient with the nextlevel stand.

The unit ships with a rubber wheel scaled for a childs hand. the flappy paddle have substantially crappier click switches than the L2 and R2 buttons, and are positioned such that you must every time move the tip of your thumb to complete the shift.

Having done some more self education on the topic, It seems I would have been best served by separately getting a 5nm base from Fantec, a set of the load cell pedals from Tmaster, and source an adult wheel perhaps used even.

That does not seem to be possible in todays market tho,

and I see its sold out now, along with everything else on the site it would seem.

The buttons all work, nothing is missing or broken (the shaft has .012 runout), they shipped what I ordered.

Will they accept a full return just because the wheel sux?

Is there a market where I could trade the thing?

Has any one tried to shave/dremel the rubber cover to get it to a usable state ?


Any inpuut appreciated


  • Depends how long you have had it. If you are within the 14 day window Fanatec will accept the return.

  • there are a few days left

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    I would either make a plan to upgrade the wheel and add a load cell to the pedals if you haven't already, or return it and look at the TGTii. But that wheel is very similar.

    I upgraded the wheel and got the Fanatec V3 pedals which are pretty great, except the cable plug placement.

    Also, I stuck to a single ecosystem, so I can switch from PC to Console. But that's up to your needs.

    Personally, I love that i can keep tinkering and upgrading things.

    And so far, since the 440 driver release, i haven't had any trouble shooting to do. Which is kinda new.

    Oh, and I just used a G29 for the first time since November, and I do not miss it in any way. Maybe the drivers...

    Edit: I did quickly look up the TGTii servo base and it's spendy for a dual belt. If Fanatec sold a 5nm wheel base and subtracted the cost of the 8nm boost it would be cheaper.

    The general consensus is that these wheels are sidegrades of each other as they are 5nm, 6nm, or 8nm. Though Direct Drive is preferable over belt driven.

  • Well, I'm likin the base, so that kinda drives the next step, eating the wheel.

    I to did digging, those thrustmaster pedals, the LC version, is a 3 ped set at $229

    mebbe verra nice, but helps deciding on a LC kit for my 2 pedal base they thro in with the bundle, as thats $129 when available.

    Is the for Sale section in this forum a good place to trade this GT branded wheel for something else?

    I;m not dragging knuckles like Tyson Fury, my paws are average sized, but I'm sure someone can use it. the LED disp is nice to use

    is there a Fitment list for the QD device on the CSL DD (5nm) PS4 type ?

    I have a Round tube Marada stand and Jegs seat showing up tomorrow, I'll get the fanatec stuff fitted to that and sorted, put the G29 stuff back onto the old Nextlevelstand/ jegs seat, put em side by side for a bit and then decide where to go from there

  • As comfortable as it is your not really supposed to put thumbs inside the wheel and they should be placed on the rim....try driving like that ....its what racers do to avoid braking thumbs in hard jolts to steering.

    But I know what you mean about small wheels I had a full size MOMO wheel on my old gt25 and the Porsche wheel is a lot smaller but one you get use to it it's great

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