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Hi guys,

I ordered my Gran Turismo DD Pro and another item on April 20th. At that time, the Gran Turismo DD Pro was "Ready to ship," and another item was "available in May." I later realized that Fanatec would ship my order as soon as all items in my order were in stock.

However, eight business days have passed while my order is still in "The order is in process" status, and I noticed that Gran Turismo DD Pro is now "Sold out" on the website. So I don't quite understand the logic here. Does the order guarantee me a wheel in Fanatec's warehouse even if my order has not been processed, or am I not going to get my wheel in the circumstance?

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  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
    edited May 2

    Your wheel would have been set aside waiting on your "May" item.

    Login and look at "Orders". That will show you what item your order is waiting for.

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