Does anyone know when the fanatec csl dd 5nm will come back into stock?

Hi everyone,

Just like the title suggest, can anyone tell me when the Csl DD 5nm wheel base will be back in stock?



  • Unfortunately nobody knows, no.

  • Okay thanks for the reply Maurice :)

  • The 8nm is available on pre-order.

  • Not anymore it isn't. CSL DD in any configuration is currently showing as Sold Out, at least in the NA store.

    In fact, it seems that nearly all configurations of the GT DD Pro are Sold Out as well, save for the standalone 8Nm version which is showing as Available for Pre-order.

  • Perhaps they're having to reserve all stock to ship out replacements due to bricked firmware updates...

  • Checked fanatec website this morning. 5NM version was available. Ordered. And it was sold out again. Checked again later, and it was available for maybe 5 minutes. I guess you have to keep refreshing.

  • Today got confirmation mail and its being processed in a warehouse. So fingers crossed it will all go well. Waiting for tracking number.

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    So it's morning when stock are back ?

  • I'd say it's random. Best case scenario would be checking availability all the time when possible. Good luck!

  • I have install an auto-clicker so i'm ready to have it !

  • Got mail from UPS that it will vbe delivered tomorrow.Any luck with auto-clicker?

  • I try since 1 week but nothing. I hope have areservation for Fanatec for my CSL DD but I need to be patient

  • Got my order today and all I got was a power brick. I'm shocked. Most expensive brick I bought. Contacted support.

  • It's maybe because CSL DD is out of stock and they send you only alim to "wait" before they have it on stock

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