Defective DD1 only 2 months old.

2 months ago after more had work than you can imagine, I finally fulfilled a dream that I’ve had since I was a teenager. I ordered a full fanatec ecosystem with top of the line in almost everything. I’m talking inverted clubsport pedals, an sq shifter, alcantara wheel with the hub, and the cream of the crop(almost) DD1.

How surprised do you think I am after only the second month of ownership when my DD1 shuts off every 30 seconds or less when under ANY kind of FFB load on ANY game, even on other pcs and my console. I’ve tried everything because I didn’t want to believe it. I unplugged all peripherals, reinstalled games, reinstalled all the drivers, tried older drivers, but the thing is defective there’s no doubt about it. After a bit of reading on the forum, I can see that I’m not the only one with this defect, seeing multiple people who ordered in the same timeframe claim the exact same problem.

But defects happen. I decided I’ll just submit a ticket to Fanatec to have it resolved. I was sure they’d be a lot of help. We’ll it’s been over 6 days and I’ve heard not a peep. Unfortunately I’m a USA customer so there’s not even a person in the company that I can talk to on the phone for some odd reason, which seems kind of unacceptable in 2022 .

If someone could please reach out to me so I can get my unit fixed that would be great because I’m sitting on a 3000 dollar paperweight that is killing my dream. It’s all useless without the DD1.


  • I can’t post video to the forum but here’s screenshots frame by frame while going around a turn in dirt rally 2 free roam. FFB is only at 50% and most settings are at the recommended levels via the forums. One second it’s on, then I take a corner and BOOM. Power off and I’m not able to turn the unit back on for like 10 seconds or so.

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    If you have already sent the video to support unfortunately you have to wait for them to come back to you. Currently that stands at about 3 weeks.

    Give them all the information you think of that they will ask. Tell them all you have done.

    Do not let them come back to you with a question as that will add another 3 weeks to their subsequent reply.

    They do not have the staff to come back to you earlier.

  • Or you can send the base to me 😉. Sry I was in a funny mode, but you want to trade a dd1 to a dd pro 8nm?

  • I am having this same issue. Does your power supply have coil whine like crazy? When mine shuts off you can see the light on the power supply dim and then come back full after about 5 seconds.

    pretty positive my power supply is bad, as no other components in my setup have power problems.

    and I am getting really frustrated with support.

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