Fanatec Email Full??

Might want to upgrade your email storage

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

Fanatec Support ([email protected])

The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Please try resending your message later, or contact the recipient directly.


  • So... they shut down their hotline to be better able to address our email requests. And now their email is full.


    I swear, you can't make this stuff up...

  • Complete shambles of a company.

  • classic 🤣

  • lee spinkslee spinks Member
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    I hate to say it but “ think I remember saying told you there getting worse” you know i hate to say iI TOLD YOU SO……. 😂 lol

    i also seem to remember a lot of people saying its fine they will catch up its the pandemic…… and i said crap no its not and got a lot of hate over it 😝 and ill say it one more time SEE I TOLD YOU SO……..lmao

  • I think you have to go with another manufacturer until they sort out their customer service issues.

    Moza? 🙄 ... Are there any other options in the same ball-parked as the CSL/GT DD besides Moza?

    For direct drives you may just have to spend extra with VRS or the even more expensive simucube which both still need separate usb or wireless wheels to operate.

  • Moza R9 is probably what I'd go with if I were itching to get into the sim racing market right now. Either that or save up a bit more for a Simagic Alpha Mini. But the Simagic wheels are even more expensive than the current Moza offerings. Then there's the issue of what to do for pedals. I think the best thing I'd recommend if you're not in a hurry to make a purchase right now is to just wait a few months.

    See where things land with Thrustmaster's DD offering that's reportedly coming later this year. Moza is supposed to have some less expensive wheels in development. And maybe by that time, Fanatec will have at least sorted out their CS issues (if not their QC ones).

  • Yeah someone in my racing community just got the Moza R9. The wheel looks really good. Watch some reviews on youtube too. A lot of options to tweak but unsure of effectiveness. My CSL DD still good. Praying it stays that way.

    I upgraded my pedals to the VRS direct force pro. Really like the responsive and control nature. I would not say that they are immersive, but definitely quicker.

  • I got the same problem with the mailbox - really regret buying Fantec. Not only did I have to wait nearly two weeks for them to reply to my raised issue, I now can't reply to their email. Complete joke.

  • customer service like that for a company of this level is inadmissible !!!

    I have the problem with my GT DD PRO (unsoldered "pedal port") and I can't contact the customer service by phone or mail becuase is full

    Customer service by chat is better, simply and quickly

  • Yes I’m looking at a ABRUZZI Immsource ET3 wheel base which I’m looking into which is a 10nm base for around £550 saw it tested on sim racing garage and it looked very good or the simicube they are very good, the only thing is with other manufactures the choice of wheels is not as wide as fanatec but the quality far out stages fanatec from what i have seen so far.

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    This worries me. I really feel sorry for all those customers that are now stranded. This is unheard of for a consumer company now in collaboration with Sony and PD have a full mailbox and have closed down their hotline. Something is wrong here.

    I can only advise anyone considering Fanatec to hold your money especially if you order or pre order they book the full payment immediately. I hope my replacement DD PRO holds up and I never need customer service again.

  • Is this really a reliable company? I've been waiting on an OMP wheel from OMP for ages.

  • Hi there!

    Did you order the wheel from OMP directly?

    Because the link is for DigitalMotorsports, and DM is not OMP.

    Maybe is up to them to indicate proper item availability, or maybe they want people placing order regardless, I don't know.


  • lee spinkslee spinks Member
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    Hi yes i have had a few items from DM and i have also had a couple of phone conversations with them and they are very very reliable they have great customer service Digital Motor sports are an official distribution partner for fanatec, if you purchase from them your contract is with DM not with fanatec, so any issues have to be dealt with by DM, as I said i have a very high opinion of them and trust them way more than fanatec, I currently have a 8nm CSL DD and 3 fanatec wheels from fanatec, i will be selling them next month as i no longer want to be in the Fanatec ecosystem, after reading the financial statements that have been published, and having seen how fanatec run their business and treat the customer base, but i would have no issue ordering OMP from DM.

    for OMP i use They are also very good and i indorse this supplier also.

  • I ordered from OMPamerica which is listed as the OMP distributor on the OMP racing site. I have had issues with the order and cannot seem to get ahold of anyone... So Do not use this link to order anything imo. But it's where I did place my order.

    I will look at these links above. Thanks Lee,

  • Shhhh… do not tell everyone you are selling your Fanatec stuff.

    I am trying to sell mine and want as little of the base in the market as possible… 🤣

  • lee spinkslee spinks Member
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    Lol i have the 8nm csl dd and a gt3 wheel with Lamborghini decal the F1 esports wheel and the csl wrc wheel unused, but I’m keeping the v3 club sport pedals for back up, if any one’s interested its collection from Cornwall for £800 :) all have the original box’s and are in mint condition lol

    oh and they all have the q1 quick connect not that plastic rubbish lol

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