Dead CSL Throttle / Fanatec Support

I've had the same issue as a lot of other people on here — I have a PS5 and purchased the GT CSL DD Pro bundle. I later added the LC break pedal which caused the throttle to stop working (Everything was hooked up as per the manual). I sent a support request on March 29th. They determined that I needed to ship the pedals back so they could investigate / repair. I was also told that replacing the pedals was not an option in my case.

Fanatec provided a UPS label and the pedals were shipped back to Fanatec on April 4th. The shipment has been stuck in a warehouse in Seattle since then. I spoke to UPS and they're looking into why the shipment is being held. I also reached out to Fanatec to let them know that the product is being held but they had no response.

Additionally, my 8Nm power supply connection to the wheelbase is glitchy. The wheelbase will randomly turn off if there's any movement in the rig. I emailed support about this issue as well, and after several follow ups they finally responded and said the wheelbase likely has to be repaired as well... but they have yet to provide a solution and I've sent them pictures & videos detailing the problem.

The last email I received from support was April 22nd. As of this morning I emailed them to see if they had any updates or solutions on getting me a working sim and I received an auto reply: Undeliverable — The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. 😂 🤣 😅


  • Figures .. Been since April first with a dead throttle.. Pedals are in transit back to them.. took over 3 weeks just to get to the point of getting a label

  • This is getting embarrasing. I'm going to try to use clutch pedal as throttle, this is the best option at least, while they stabilize this situation.

  • For me, I would be happy if they send a new sensor hall for throttle or a new PCB, change both is very easy, so it would be great.

  • just received my purchase and the throttle malfunctions too. Hope you get something soon.

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