Fanatec RMA sent back a defect GT DD Pro!

I had the issue of grainy feel like so many other users of the GT DD Pro.

Sent it in for repair, waited 4 Weeks for them to return it. I understand that Fanatec has really big Issues with the defect Wheelbases and that they have a huge amount of repairs going on but wasnt expecting THAT.

The Wheelbase they returned to me was badly repaired and pretty much unusable. They changed the back-cover and the mainboard of the base but somehow managed to screw that thin incorrectly back into place so the power outlet got jammed. Impossible to insert the power connector into the base.

  1. Telephone support not reachable.
  2. No answer to E-mail support request
  3. 4 Weeks of waiting for a repaired Wheelbase
  4. No testing or quality check after RMA

What is going on here? I think Fanatec took a bite to large for them to chew and is completely oberwhelmed by the bad quality of their DD Pros at the moment.

Everybody be warned to check your Wheelbases and dont think that Fanatec support is working efficiently at this moment.

I am very disappointed and feel misleaded by all the Youtbe-Influencer Reviewers saying this is a Premium-Product. It is not. And the support of a german-based company is just disgusting.

Dont get me wrong. The general Feel of the DD Pro was very nice, but when the grainy Feel started and after this odyysey with support and RMA i just dont want to waste my time with that anymore.

Greetings from Austria,



  • Sorry to hear about your problems, I wish I could say I'm surprised.

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    one reads these threads and thinks it’s the vocal minority with problems…..they sent me an untested defective replacement as well. And I’m reading that experience all over these threads.

    I had a test motor firmware they sent me to solve the grainy problem with my old unit that didn’t work then and tried it on the new unit which seems to work for now this was just luck that I even had this test firmware. But really a product should just work when you switch it on. If you are in the rma cycle don’t expect to get your problem solved the first time.

    this is just shocking!!!!

  • Just tried to contact the support telephone - its deactivated…..

    Great work Fanatec! I spent over 1000€ for equipment i can’t really use. Thats customer friendly…

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    Hello Stefan.

    I can understand your disappointment.

    I have sent my csw 2.5 recently after having problems, weak ffb and loud sound coming from the PSU, i got it back yesterday and the PSU still making an electric noise, mine was visually like new, so i dont know if they changed it but I think they haven't, so i'm asking to the custormer service again.

    In my experience (about 5 e-mail tickets since i bought the product) they answer always, sometimes more fast than others, but they answer, i can understand that you want an instant answer, just to clarify they answer always in my experience.

    I dont work there to know what happen but the feeling it gives me is just they are collapsed, I do not receive any email to notify that they sent me the base back or any data about the RMA process and when i bought the product the same thing, that was in the first COVID wave (they warned of delay), i had to ask if they had sent it to me, they had already done it without advice me and i received the order very quickly but the feeling i had is they are collapsed enought to dont advice via email about updates.

    The problem here is not that they are collapsed that can be understood, the problem is the products are not cheap, so if they do something in a RMA or whatever they have to be 100% sure they solve each RMA correctly because is really expensive for the customer.

    Last thing i want to tell you, im not sure but i think in Europe when someone request a RMA, when the product is out, that time doesn't count in your warranty period, i mean if this got you 1 month you have an extra month for the warranty, im not sure, inform yourself.

    Cheers and good luck

  • That feels so bad.. so much problems. I waited 4 weeks for an answer on my ticket. Have the wheel 9 weeks now, i used it 4 weeks and its defect 5 weeks, still nonsolution.. thats crazy.

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