CSL DD - no mounting screws ... really ?

wow - I just got my CSL DD this afternoon and now at 9PM I was all excited finally ready to install and start playing.

Big was my surprise when I realized the base ships without the necessary 4 x M6x10mm mounting screws ..... REALLY !!!

I'm very disappointed that I cannot get to play tonight, and very surprised that they cheap out on including the few screws required to install the base (would gladly pay another few cents to have the screws available).

I will have to make a trip to the hardware store to get the screws tomorrow, and hopefully when I get it fired up I will forget about this little set-back and be happily racing.


  • Here's hoping that a lack of mounting screws is the biggest issue you ever encounter with your wheelbase.

  • That doesn't sound too encouraging.

    Hopefully I do not regret my purchase. I had a Thrustmaster TX wheel where the base suddenly locked up. Rather than getting a new Thrustmaster base I went for the CSL DD, which finally arrived today after 2 months.

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    "ships without the necessary 4 x M6x10mm mounting screws ..... REALLY !!!"

    Yes, really, because not everyone needs M6x10mm mounting screws as the length of the screws is completely dependent of your Cockpit where you mount it to. For example for the front hole I need a M6x25mm screw because my Wheelstand is a lot thicker there and for the other 2 screws I need M6x15mm. So if they would have provided M6x10mm they would be too short for my Wheelstand.

    Therefore the Cockpits / Rigs / Wheelstands always come with mounting screws and it's never the base which comes with the screws, also not on other Brand products because every Cockpit is different and needs different screw lengths so it's impossible to provide screws with a Base.

  • Sorry, I don't mean to be a downer. It's just that lately Fanatec have really not been doing themselves any favors with the way they've been handling customer service requests (or rather, NOT handling them).

    It doesn't take long to glance through this forum to find incident after incident of people who have received faulty products or are otherwise in need of customer service, only to have to wait upwards of 2 to 3 weeks or more, just for an initial response. Then if Fanatec need more information, it goes on for even longer. It's gotten to the point where Fanatec have decided to disable their Customer Service hotline to be able to better focus on email requests... only to then have their email storage hit its max capacity. So now at the moment people have no real reliable way to contact Fanatec at all.

    There are a few different theories for why things are the way they are currently, but... it is what it is. Just something you should be aware of, and hope and pray along with everyone else that your sim equipment ships and remains problem-free.

  • If they ship screws with lengths to cater for all thickness, you might end up with screws which are too long, which may then bottom out on your base and scratch it.

  • "If they ship screws with lengths to cater for all thickness"

    Yeah, I realize that. It was just a little frustrating to not be able to get it running immediately. Anyway, got it up and running now. For far so good

  • It's like that, I believe that somewhere is also properly stated that mounting screws are not included, and for the obvious reasons mentioned above. It was like that also for my CSL Elite Ps4 in 2017 but guess what? Manuals are available on the website, I donwloaded a bunch of info before proceeding and also during the waiting...back then and also now for the DD Pro.

    I understand your frustration but quite often we (users, customers) are going over available informations, descriptions and else, we got also drill plates... I needed that back then also because my Playseat plate was missing some holes and I had to drill 3 new.

    Let's keep frustrations and similar 'feelings' ready for serious stuff... 😉

    Have fun mate!


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    Hi no I believe that the main reason for omitting the fixing screws is so you don’t use it and find out how badly the customer service is…….lol

  • Had read early posts about the screws not being included so I ordered via Amazon. Was prepared to mount and did so upon delivery.

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