PlayStation extra buttons on steeringwheels.

Just a question about extra buttons on steering wheels which aren’t recognized by PlayStation. I know there is a limit to buttons in the PlayStation api, unless specific in game extra inputs are assigned (not by the user but hard programmed into the game) is it a possibility to program the extra buttons in the api as the second controller? Then you have double the buttons you can address on the PlayStation platform.


  • and I can’t figure out why not 1 of the 4 extra dpad/hat switches on the gt ddpro can’t function as the right analog stick inname.

  • I'd guess it's likely because they're digital switches as you say, not analog inputs.

  • Sry but the left analog stick is connected to the funky switch, also not an analog input.

  • Yes but generally on most game controllers, both the d-pad (digital) and the left analog stick allow for menu navigation. Gamepads have no digital equivalent of the right thumbstick, so it stands to reason that other input devices would function similarly.

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