CSL load cell bundle. No clutch signal

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False alarm - it works when I connect clutch to clutch (not break).

I feel really silly, but in my defense, the wiring clearly show the 'top' jack which is the break.

Anyhow - moving it from the top (break) to the bottom (clutch) solved the problem.


I got the CSL load cell bundle. I install the pedals according to the guide.

  • Clutch (old break) into 'break' input on throttle
  • Break (load cell) into 'load cell' input on throttle

Break and Throttle is working, but there is no signal from Clutch.

I found a YouTube where he describes the same problem, but with no solution.

Any suggestions ?


  • CSL Elite Throttle and Clutch Not Working After Load Cell Brake Install. It's picking up the load cell brake, but not any of the other pedals, which were fine before. Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers.

    Any help with this is much appreciated.

  • Same problem.

    Is this a new purchase?

    Was there a change in your setup?

    Is the load cell connected to a PC or wheel base?

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