CSL Elite firmware/driver updates - Discontinued


can anyone tell me if the CSL elite will carry on receiving updates (firmware and/or driver) and for how long now it has been discontinued?



  • Look at the change log for each driver and you will see if it has been updated.

    CSW V2.5 base in driver 440 is currently 690, listed as “new”. Is that your wheelbase? What is your current firmware for your base?

    You call it to”may”toe, I call it to”mah”toe but it is the same thing… 😁

  • Hi,

    honestly I don't crave for futher fw updates for the CSL base, I own a CSL Elite and my last update was in summer 2021 because it was needed for the V2.5X wheel.

    I usually read all the changelogs and if I'm ok with the actual functions I do not update; quite often things are changed/removed and is not always for the good but for a 'user experience' improvement that I'm not ok with....of course we are soo many customers.

    I don't like the new tuning menu structure that I found on the DD Pro, I don't want anything like that on my CSL ELite...I don't plan to use it anymore because I'm on the DD Pro (finger crossed, really).

    My 'old' setup is consolidated, safe, working nicely for me...so updating just for the sake of it is not an option for me.

    My personal thoughts, of course! 😉

    HAve a nice day! Ciao!

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