[RMA in progress] Where is the customer support!!!

What the hell is going on with customer support. I put in a request on the 15th of April, it took until the 27th of April to get a reply. I then went through the steps suggested several times straight away and sent back a reply the same day. It's now the 8th of May and I still haven't heard anything back. This is bullshit!!! We pay premium money for equipment and this is how we get treated. It's nearly been a month of being without my wheel base and I have received a total of 1 email.

If your so busy that you can only reply to 1 email every 3+weeks you have more issues than just staffing. Why the hell don't we have a contact number for Australia???


  • I understand your frustration, and I totally agree. Fanatec's recent lack of customer support is inexcusable. They should have had the foresight to bolster their CS team for the release of the CSL DD / GT DD Pro, which are budget products, and products that they knew would be extremely popular within the sim racing community. With the expected increase in sales orders, it's not difficult to imagine that the number of CS requests would also grow by a large amount, but Fanatec appear to have been completely caught off-guard by this. To the point where they've shut down their Hotline with the reasoning that they'd be better able to tend to email requests. And then their email server filled up, and no one can send them anything.

    This is not the behavior of an established company that has been successfully marketing and selling its products worldwide for over 15 years. I seriously don't know what the hell is going on with Fanatec internally, but every day that things go on like this for them, is going to make it that much more difficult for them to rebuild any kind of a trustworthy and quality reputation that they may have once enjoyed.

  • Ye im about to setup a dispute with my bank/credit card company on them now.

    Far too long,nothing at all from support. Even if they were that busy they could email you to state this.

  • Did you managed to get a refund from your credit card company?

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