CSL elite base V1.1 - lost some settings

i recently noticed that i lost some wheel settings after i re-installed windows, i just to have this list of settings

SEN 1080 (shown as 108 on some displays)

FF 100

SHO 100

BLI User Preference

DRI 003

FOR 100

SPR 100*

DPR 100*

BRF User Preference

FEI 100

but at the moment only SEN and FF is showing, i reinstalled last driver and reinstalled the firmware which didnt help, i contacted fanatec support and got no responce from it.

Any encountered this issue?


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    That's a new feature, not a Bug.

    You are in the Standard Tuning Menu.

    Go into the Tuning Menu and press the Tuning Menu Button for 3 seconds, then you switch back into the Advanced Tuning Menu and all the settings are back.

  • that worked, thnx alot m8

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