CSL DD (8nm) QR1 lite vs QR1

Hi, I've recently bought a CSL DD and a McLaren GT3 v2 wheel with QR1 lite; immediately I noticed that something was wrong because playing F1 2021 in corners like Becketts/Chapel in Silverstone (or the equivalent in Austin) I could feel some click/gaps in the fast left to right or right to left movement with the wheel...after some resarch I found out that it was due to the QR1 lite and could be fixed with some tape. Then I had some disconnection problems still due to QR1 lite so I decided to buy the alluminium QR1 that arrived yesterday.

After testing it for a while I found out that it has almost the same click/gap problem of the lite version that is partially mitigated if I set the retention bolt...now I'm a bit confused, do I need to use the tape fix even with the QR1 or is there another way to fix the problem?



  • Hi Marco,

    I've never experienced anything like that, I had the CSL Elite+P1 rim (with no QR but the bolt-ring system) for years, then with the V2.5X Formula that came with QR1 same story, no issues at all and I've used it with and without the retention bolt.

    Yesterday I had the chance to test new rig and stuff, more than one hour GT7 with DD Pro and the GT7 wheel with QR1 (I removed the plastic QR Lite right out of the box) and no issues like yours; in the afternoon a second test with ACC and the Formula wheel....again no such issues.

    I don't play F1 games because I don't like F1 but I'm planning to do it soon...maybe the 'faster' nature of the game leads to frequent direction changes but this is also happening in ohter games too.

    Did you fit the bolt properly? I'm asking because I fitted the bolt improperly and after a session it was loose, almost falling out.


  • The set screw they send you with the QR-1 is terrible. Get one of these. What is happening is the collar is slipping a tiny bit in the hard turns, making that clicking sound and the impact can be felt. The collar needs be held immobile.

  • You can 100% use the plastic QR1 Lite with the CSL DD 8nm. My brother uses the QR1 Lite on his CSW V2.5 which is also 8nm, no problems. Now I would recommend the metal QR1, but it does make some noise. You could wait and upgrade to the QR2 when it comes out if you would like as well

  • thanks, yes the bolt is fitted properly and in fact it has a strange design; I will see if I can find a better one...anyway using some tape mitigates a lot the QR1 problem but so far I'm really disappointed with Fanatec: after spending more than 800 euros (for CSL DD, wheel and QR1) I still have to apply MacGyver methods to fix hardware issues...

  • Just to make your life more interesting I guess…

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