Change setting during mid game?

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Maybe this is a silly question, but I was wondering if for example while I am in a practice session in iRacing. Can I open the fanatec software from my desktop and change the FFB settings on the wheelbase without having to quit the game first? Or do I need to quit and close iRacing before changing anything?

Its on a GT DD Pro 8Nm if that matters.


  • Most games (I would assume iRacing included, though I don't play that particular sim) are totally fine if you change settings on the fly. Depending on your wheel, you should be able to change FFB settings right from the wheel itself, without having to use the control panel or Fanalab.

  • You could do what the rest of us do and get a button box, and set it up so you can change settings on the fly, during every race i change my brake bios, TC, and abs constantly as I’m racing.

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    Changing Fanalab settings and ingame car adjustments are two different things. I don't know how you even map fanalab sliders to a button box?!

    Back to topic. I believe games send the same FFB information to wheels, no matter what settings you have in Fanalab or Fanatec control panel. If you minimise iRacing and do some adjustments the game won't even notice it. It will keep sending the same data but your wheel will interpret it differently, according to your new settings.

    PS. If you have a rim with LCD panel (or DD1/DD2 base) you should be able to change all FFB settings without minimising a game. Check the manual.

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