2.5 Base (XBOX/PC) use on PS5?

Hey Guys,

i have a 2.5 Base (PC/XBOX Edition) and i would like to use it on PS5 for GT7. Is it with a special Adapter possible or another Firmware? Thank so much for any Comments


  • Compatibility for Playstation comes from a chip inside the wheelbase itself. So you can use any Fanatec wheel you like with it as long as you have a compatible base, e.g. the GT DD Pro, Podium Racing Wheel F1, etc.

    Xbox is the opposite. You can use whichever Fanatec base you want, but the wheel itself is what determines Xbox compatibility.

  • Sorry, just re-read your post. So if you have a CSW 2.5 then no, that is not directly compatible with Playstation.

    You can try something like Drivehub or Ras1ution, which others seem to have used with varying degrees of success.

  • Hi,

    as stated by Gregg you have no other option rather than use an extra device like Drivehub or similar. CSW it's not PS directly compatible.


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