CSL DD Pro wheel base high pitch noise


I've bought a Fanatec DD Pro bundle for PS and as soon as I've started it, it started to make a high pitch noise : https://1drv.ms/v/s!AvOgaa1theyon8ctFRU_bBlKE7mlHA

I suggest to raise the volume to hear it.

Fanatec support were actually very responsive, but they keep sending me power supplies. They sent me one, it's the same, now they shipped another one. Even if I explicitly told them that the sound comes clearly from wheel base and not the power supply.

Maybe they dont have wheel base in stock and they want to win some time by sending me chargers....

Does anyone have this issue?

It would help me a lot if you check your wheel base and comment here if you can hear the same or not.




  • This was happening with my first DD Pro base. Can you feel vibrations through the steering wheel as well accompanied by the sound? The vibrations would correspond with the noise being made. They first sent me some test motor firmware to try, that reduced the noise and vibrations somewhat but not enough. Then they replaced the wheelbase and that had kind of the same issue with a grind feel when I turned the wheelbase. So kind of same but kind of different. I applied the motor firmware they sent before to the replacement wheel and that basically eliminated the vibrations and grind feel.

    You can try those firmware as I have posted them in another post here. You only need to update the motor firmware.

    Of course you update at your own risk but these are fanatec firmwares. If the problem isn't solved fanatec will come back to you within a few weeks. Very long waiting times these days.

    Good luck!

  • I'll send to Fanatec support this thread and let them know I have the same issue like you.

    Yea, it's also some kind of weird vibration. When they replaced the wheelbase did they sent you one in advance and you sent back the defective one? I dont want to stay without a wheel for 3-4 weeks because of this....

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • Nope. I asked if Fanatec could do as you say, and send me a replacement prior to receiving my defective CSL DD when I needed to RMA it back in February. I did the same thing, told them it would be a nice gesture from Fanatec towards customers to not force them to wait for a week of shipping the item one way, plus however long it takes them to repair/ replace, plus another week of shipping it back.

    They wouldn't even consider it. So... good luck, but be prepared for quite a long wait.

  • What Gregg said......forgetaboutit!! Go to my profile and review my other posts I think there was a post from Domagoij where I dropped a link.

    there are two firmwares in a dropbox link Fanatec sent me and try them....MAYBE it solves your issue. however this is resolved for you, I wish you good luck.

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