8nm power pack and cable not working

Hi guys my pre ordered csl dd finally arrived last week along with the 8nm power pack , within 30 mins of setting up and playing , power goes , no light on the power pack at all , changed the fuse in the plug nothing , I’m so annoyed , spent over. £1000 on fanatec which for me is hell a lot of money , anyone else encountered this


  • I would suggest you order another 8nm power pack from them and request to return and refund the non functioning one if you are in your 14 dy return window.

    You will be waiting a long time for the return process to complete but the other alternative is to wait weeks for them to even answer you on your current issue. If the new power pack works you will just have to wait for your refund to be processed but at least you won't be without a wheel for weeks or possibly longer.

  • Hi mate thanks for the advise ! The whole thing getting this sorted is terrible , no customer support at all . I’ve only had the power pack 3/4 days . U can’t ring them or live chat them atm ,

  • No its a disaster really. Its not like you're buying a packet of chips or something this is kind of a big investment for many of us but seems they don't really care. I wish you good luck getting this sorted.

  • Cheers mate , someone else said they waited 5 weeks to get a reply , I’m tempted to travel to Germany from London and sort it lol

  • Im sure its chaos at the offices of Endor Lol. but could be more people like you contemplating the same thing. I waited about 16 days just for a reply to a support ticket that was still when I could call them, and I did do exactly that which expedited things. Now the only thing you can do is wait. Disconnecting the hotline is a step back in my mind.

  • Hi guys,

    very sorry to hear that, so bad, so unfortunate, so....I don't know really....seems to me quite a big wave of s**t over customers.

    I hope my gear will stay healthy, unfortunately at the moment I have very little time to play and this means not evet 3 hours overall test ...having the new gear since february....damn me! .

    My partial consolation is that something happens on the boost kit I also have the standard power brick, and I can't stress enough about using a good ups when dealing with expensive and "cherished" equipment....I know I know it's an extra cost but I prefer this extra 'layer' of safety.

    Good luck with all and take care!


  • Thanks for your comment mate ! I believe us fanatec customers have a huge problem here , there seems to be a lot of people having the same issues regards power pack not working . And to wait weeks for a reply is terrible and not acceptable , I’ve purchased the csl dd 8nm , clubsport v pedals and mclaren gt3 wheel , £1000 + and we’re expected to wait this long is not right . I’m in the lap of the gods now as u can’t ring or live chat , why did I go down the fanatec route lol

  • They did hell of a lot of work on the positive spin in marketing also in social media. Try to find one negative YouTube video, social influencer or one reviewer talking about qc problems….impossible. So we fell for the positive narrative. Don’t get me wrong their intention will be to fix your problems in the end but they are bucking under the pressure at the moment. Only advice to people with a dead unit, meditate and have patience for others with minor issues continue to use your gear with the small disability until you finally get shipping labels and they get to you.

    if I were you Richard I would probably bite the bullet and order the replacement power pack as it will probably arrive before support gets back to you. If it works you can mail support and just tell them to refund you for the defective unit. Last alternative is to get out of the fanatec cycle if you still can. Other options for DD will come to the market I am sure.

  • Well I did not follow the enthusiastic wave brought along with the new announcements... I was and I am, still, a customer with no faulty stuff or issues.

    Having few products since years and willing to jump to a DD base I was about to pull the order for a DD1 Ps4 as I only play on console (for now).

    Then the CSL DD was announced and after the DD Pro, was a sImple choice for me having PS4-PS5... and basically the ONLY option for a DD base, meaning Fanatec’s products.

    With a PC on my hand...well my choice would go on Simucube, end of the story.

    And if I can say that all my Fanatec stuff is working as of today I can’t really say to be an happy customer because I’m quite annoyed about the company’s silence and complete lack of any kind of official apology/announcement/communication about what’s going on.... just to show some sort of respect towards us users.

    This is complete nonsense for me, I mean of course an official statement will not vanish the issues, frustration and similar bad feelings all along ... but will surely give a proper feeling of being “attended”. That’s it.

    Because today this is happening to anyone but me.... but who knows? Having only few running hours on my DD pro what I can say? .

    Again, I’m extremely disappointed by all of this happening to you guys, in this complete company’s silence.


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