thats it im selling up

well its a sad day after much thought and dilibaration i have seen enough from fanatec, i have decided to sell up before its to late, i have been in contact with quite a few pro sim racers and they all more or less have said the same, that they do own fanatec equipment but dont actuly use it, mose are using simicube and other manufatures, so with the current behavour of fanatec and the very poor customer service and failure rate and cost i no longer can use and indorse this poor excuse of a company that call them selfs profesanal, so with that i bow my head and here it gose :

Hi i have my Fanatec CSL DD 8nm direct drive wheel base for sale and 3 wheels to go with is all come with the QR1 metal Quick release's, all are as new no ware marks and come with the box's so these are the wheels & base PC/Xbox.

CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC

CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 ClubSport Steering Wheel

F1® Esports CSL DD (CSL_DD_EU)

Boost Kit 180 (8Nm) (BK180_EU)

I will not split the bundle, its a collection only item,due to the cost and i would like buyer to see it all working and i dont want to risk sending by post incase of damage, the wheels come with a wall mount + QR1 quick release each as seen in the pic, and no cash, bank transfer on collection, reason for sale is im migrating to simicube. liskeard conwall


  • Hi guys and David lol

    well i have an offer on my fanatec equipment and it should all be sold on Saturday, all great gear, just got myself a set of Helsinkiveld sprint pedals for £520 ans as soon as my stuff goes on sat ill order the simicube 2 pro, so that means i will no longer need to come back to the fanatec site, I wish you all the best of luck and my regards to all who have helped and special thans to David you know who you are lol best wishes to you bud :)

  • I would like to add now that I’m a full Simucube customer i have been very impressed with customer service and equipment quality, but and here it is, I decided that i would sell up and go for a better quality service and better quality equipment provider ,and better is an understatement, but i would be derelict in my post if i were not to say the equipment that i had from fanatec had no issues, in fact all of the items i had which was over 2.2k worth was in good working order, but i judge a company buy the customer service and attitude towards the customer base and in this respect fanatec/endor have failed very poorly, in my experience “Sony/Microsoft” if you are selling to a customer base world wide your support network needs to be of a capable level to cover the country’s that your services are in, so having repair centres dotted around would have solved your issues, my two cents worth.

    Good luck every one :)

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    😁are you using a simucube wheel?

    Did some research and realised there are some simucube wheels which uses Bluetooth but it only works within the simucube ecosystem.

    Been looking at VRS DFPro base. 20nm I think and a USB wheel either from T1 design or Gomez SI… 🤙

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    Hi David yes im using a simucube wheel, the wireless ones are currently only for use with simucube, but the wired one’s will work with any base as long as you get the converter Dave cam uses a vrs base and a simucube wheel see attached video, the issues i see with fanatec are many from bad customer service to shoddy manufacturing, also have you seen the video from sim racing garage and some others that explain the issue with the DD1 and DD2 using the fanatec wheels, also the horrendous judder that fanatec cover up using the damper, apparently the plastic they use is way to thin which is the cracking noises you get at high torque, you know the ones fanatec say are due to the qr1 needs to be updated, when in fact its the wheels themselves that are the issue, ill leave 2 videos one of Dave cam and the other on the fanatec issue, as i said you can use the cube wheel with and base as long as you get the right connection.

    dave cam

    Fanatec plastic issue

  • I get the crackling issue very very occasionally. You get more noises and mechanical sounds and expansion and contraction in a real GT car… So am willing to look past that. I am only using the CSL DD though so I do not know what to think if I have the DD1/2.

    Like I mentioned before, I am not going to continue with Fanatec. Not sure if you are in the UK, we have a company here called Sports Direct. No customer service. Only interested in sales. No refunds on anything too. Just 30 days exchange or gift card. Online purchases not exchangeable in store. You have to return by mail. Very very basic and limited IT system… sounds like Fanatec… 😂

  • Hi David im glad you brought this up, sports direct brake the law on a daily basis, now you have to differentiate between store/company policy and consumer rights act/ sale of goods act,

    company policy / store policy, this is an excuse to keep customers from taking their business elsewhere, and which your not obligated to do unless you work for said company as the consumer rights act overrides this, ie: company policy is created by the company and is not a law, however if you make a purchase and it clearly states this on your receipt it can be binding.

    consumer rights act, this is a statute created by government to protect the public, and override any and all store policy as its a statute in law, unless you agreed to abide at point of sale to store/company policy, if you do find your self in this position that a company will not honour the consumer rights then threaten them with the office of fair trade and get the manager’s name store number and they can face heavy fines.

    online consumer rights, are slightly different and have some limitations but are basically the same.

    hope that helps :)

  • Just keep bumping threads like this...the more people see how bad the customer service and returns issues are the more it effects sales.

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