DD PRO motor firmware problem / no help from support

My brand new DD PRO came out of the box with faulty motor firmware. It’s version is which in my mind means it does not exist. Update not working so new base is useless peace of metal. I’ve asked help from technical support more than a week ago, but no answer. Does anybody know if I could do something to correct the situation? Perhaps with Fanalab?


  • You need to wait for the support to start the RMA process.

    Current Response times are 2-3 weeks.

  • It's coming took me about a week or so and then they took good care of me

  • I have the same issue but my wheel won't update. The whole thing disconnects from the PC and the fanatec control panel disconnects. They've asked me to ship it back to them to take a look.

  • I also have this issue unfortunately, still waiting for any help on my support ticket though.... Already day 14(!) without any help. When you call them you get a tape saying the hotline is suspended in order to prioritize support through e-mail. Well can't experience any prioritising there :-(

    Did really expect a lot better from Fanatec

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