[Solved] CSL Pedals not available in Fanalab

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Hi all,

I've just finished mounting my new Fanatec setup (received yesterday) and I have a problem with detecting pedals in Fanalab.

This is what I see in Main screen:

Also, in Vibration tab I see "Pedal Brake: not available" and "Pedal Throttle: not available".

This is my setup:

  • CSL DD (8 Nm)
  • CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2
  • CSL Pedals (no clutch)

I installed the latest version of the drivers and the latest Fanalab (with appropriate sequences of PC restart).

Am I missing anything or CSL Pedals are incompatible with Fanalab?




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    CSL Pedals do not have vibration motors, so the Text is accurate.

    Also CSL Pedals without LC are not needed to be supported in FanaLab as you can not change or adjust anything for the pedals anyway.

    But.. Which driver are you using?

    And do you use the pedals with the USB Adapter?

  • Anton SAnton S Member

    Thanks for the prompt answer, Maurice. Got it.

    My driver is version 439 and Fanalab is 1.63. Pedals are connected to the wheel base via the RJ12 cable.

  • after the usual 'chase your tail' episode where one update messes up another thing I finally got it running. It was a painful process though, with AMS2 and Assetto Corsa having issues where the mouse became unusable, and so I was even unable to exit the game the Oculus Rift S stopped working, all games had no controller assignments, etc. I basically had to go round and reinstall all the hardware, numerous restarts, change the USB ports for the Oculus.....

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