CSL DD 8NM and CS V2.5x wheel HELP PLS

Got my new Fanatec products 2 days ago and there’s an issue when i try to update my wheel on my laptop it keeps saying please wait for like 3 minutes and then i get a message saying a problem is encountered while starting update. Everything is set up the right way but i cant update my wheel and cant switch to xbox mode on the csl dd because there’s only red and yellow, and i get a messaged on the LED screen on the wheel “Caution update firmware”. After that happens my Fanatec control panel appears enpty as if everything disconnected so i have to turn it off and back on again. Desperate to find a solution here please.



  • Hi,

    did you got this message while updating in red mode?. Because red mode is the way to go for the update.

    So, my usual procedure since 2017 and first Fanatec equipment is:

    • everything powered off, wheelbase, laptop or pc
    • connect wheelbase usb to laptop/pc, only wheelbase first, I usually remove any wheel pedals or else
    • power on pc...launch the Fanatec software
    • of course nothing will be detected at this point
    • power on wheelbase...wait few seconds for the usual sequence to be completed
    • check actual mode...if not red is normal that wheelbase is not detected
    • switch to red mode
    • yet no detection? well, power off wheelbase and change usb port or cable....it has to be detected at that point
    • proceed with the firmware update
    • If I have a wheel to be updated I then fix on the wheel...it is usually detected instantly...and proceed with wheel update.
    • after that I power off wheelbase and connect pedal set and or shifter. power on again wheelbase and proceed to check if devices are correctly detected through wheelbase

    I had no issues at all in all my attempts....I know I've been lucky to always have functional equipment.

    Only once I had "issues", well let's say a tricky moment when I thought my CSL Elite wheelbase was bricked....I forced it to power off but there were no chance for it to power off...so I disconnected/reconnected usb cable and voilà....magic re-detection (the fanatec software was maybe waiting for some sort of 'input').

    I hope it's not any hardware failure in your case, don't panic....I'm sure you've already tried several times....but try again.

    Good luck my friend, let us know how it went!


  • Hi man, yes i did I’m on Red mode (pc). The wheelbase and wheel are all detected, it just wont let me go through the steering wheel’s update somehow with that message i posted before. I can even see my wheel on the control panel changing degree angles when i turn to test it out.

  • I can't see my last post....waiting for approval....don't know why....sorry mate!

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    Better re-write it.

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