QR1 (Quick Release) stuck on DD2 shaft and will not release

I installed the QR1 quick release on my Clubsport V2.5x to use for the Podium DD2. It was an extremely tight fit, but I was able to attach it to the DD2. However, now I can't remove it. It seems to be permanently stuck. The spring load works fine. The only way for me to remove the steering wheel is to unscrew the QR1 from the steering wheel. Without damaging the unit, it seems phsyically impossible to pull apart the QR1 from the DD2 shaft. I've looked around online and it seems that this is a known issue. I've ordered some silicon lubricants to see if that might help.

Does anyone have experience with removing this successfully? Happy to post pictures/video if that may help the community.



  • I would not use silicone spray lubricant for a metal / metal pairing. In fact, I wouldn't really use a silicone-based product to lubricate. Silicone is a great protective, but a terrible lubricant. Indeed, once the action of the solvents is exhausted, it tends to stick. Especially where there are load pads, it is often written on the container not to use it. I don't know if I wrote well, I use a translator. To explain to me, the silicone lubricant should never be used where there are steel balls that act as a mechanical block, you risk doing serious damage.

    Generally the industry tends to use white lithium grease. I would avoid that spray for dispensing reasons.

    It is not acidic, and it does not corrode plastic. If you have to buy something, you should buy that.

    Otherwise a drop of all-purpose oil you have at home. The WD40 is fine too, with the foresight to spray it inside a plastic cap, and wait for the solvent odor to dissolve. Then you apply it with your finger or a cotton swab.

    This idea that petroleum-based lubricants ruin rubber is a fake. Vaseline has always been used to lubricate rubber seals. Some can ruin the gum, others don't. Silicone does not damage the rubber, but neither does it lubricate. It is sticky, kneads the mechanisms, slows them down, and somehow could protect them from wear and tear by decreasing their performance. Most of the time it is harmless. Makes the plastics of the bike shine. It looks perfect for those people who want to fix things that aren't broken and maintain things that don't need maintenance.

    But if you need to lubricate use real lube or grease.

  • Bo ChengBo Cheng Member

    Thanks for the info.

    I uploaded a video showing the Quick Release 1 stuck on the DD2. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/O5zSDgDbyZs

    I am pulling it pretty hard. Any suggestions? I've contacted Fanatec support and have not heard back.

  • I don't have metal qr but something is wrong. Shouldn't it have a screw hole?

    It doesn't look good in the video because you have your hand in front of it. You can see the threaded hole of the screw but not the hole on the QR sleeve. It should line up with the hole below.

  • Psql DPsql D Member

    I have this all the time, especially the first few mm-ers require a lot of force to get it lose. But with only the QR on there like in your video, you can't put enough force on the QR to get it lose.

    So I would suggest to mount back the wheel on the QR and then remove the wheel and wiggle it a little bit when pulling on the collar. Also use 2 hands and be careful to not get the wheel in your face or what ever when it comes lose. It can really require a lot of force with the rubber on the DD1/2 QR.

    It's really a bad design... and way to sticky most of the times. It's really a shame they did not introduce the QR2 right away with the DD wheelbases.

  • Bo ChengBo Cheng Member

    Thanks for the tip. I have been pulling on it for the past hour, even driving it with the spring pushed in to see if it might help a bit. But, it is still stuck. Fanatec support has been non-existent. I have tried calling their phone and it says that support is not available. Are there other support options? I’m hoping fanatec might be able to replace the shaft and QR1.

  • There should be a hole in the black piece at that point. Or am I wrong?

  • Bo ChengBo Cheng Member

    Yes. There is a hole. The quick release sleeve can be roasted.

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