Bught Premium Product for Premium Money, but the support is not even not premium

I am really upset!

Bought a DD2 and it is defect after 3h of gaming. luckily I survived and not burned down the whole house!

But ok, It is what it is and I can understand that there can be problems with a product, that is ok and I can deal with it.

BUT I can not deal with the fact that I bought the premium product and now get no support. It is absolute save that my DD2 has to be changed, all I need is to know about the process..

Come on guys, in cases like that, you have to respond in 24h and if it takes 48h I can deal with it, but that's the end!

I am not even able to send it back to cancel everything and get my money back, for that I need the support LOL

Unfortunately I did not read that Forum before I placed my order, If I would have, I would have gone with SumuCube.


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