Clubsport pedals 3V problems

I'm both new to SIm Racing and Fanatec. I have JUST finished setting everything up, several problems but let's start with the weirdest one IMO. My pedals are reversed. By that I mean the Clutch acts as the accelerator, and the Accelerator acts as the clutch. The brake is correctly acting as the brake. I'm quite sure I have done something wrong...any help would be appreciated. BTW, the game is F1 2021 and it's I'm using a PC.


  • That sounds like the plugs in the v3 are in the wrong sockets.check the module under the pedal set.

  • Are they also reversed in the fanatec control panel?

    Are they connected through the wheelbase (rj12 cable) or pc(usb cable)? Both should not be used together.

  • So I simply changed the plugs and that worked. Weird that it came from Fanatec that way huh?

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    We aim to please :)

    thank you for using non fanatec customer service,

    please be aware that there’s is a small charge for satisfaction. Lol

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