Handbrake Hex screw identification, I have to find a replacement.

Hello everyone,

I just received my Handbrake 1.5 but one of the hex screw is malformed and was stuck.

I discovered this while trying to remove it to change the handbrake handle bar optional position.

As you can see it's missing threads and is offset a little.

There is "e.g 12.9" on it and it look like it's a M5 of 15mm length BUT I am not sure.

Online I can only find 16mm ones. Is this a custom special screw that I can't source?

Does anyone know the exact reference I should purchase?

(I of course contacted Fanatec but it seems they are overwhelmed with demands (They mention extra reply time) so the reply may takes weeks?)

Thank you for your replies, cheers!


  • Why not just purchase the 16mm one and use a washer if it's too long?

  • Psql DPsql D Member

    This are just standard screws. The 12.9 is the Tensile strength grading. Like Gregg says if you can't find 15mm a little longer one should also not be and issue. Not even needed to add an extra washer.


  • 12.9 is tensile strength grading... interesting!

    I purchased a whole box of assorted ones that just arrived today, I was not sure about length but also the size. (M5 or M6)

    I just fitted the "M6x16 16mn", the original is 15mn, there is some room so it's ok.

    12.9... should I be worried about breakage/wear from the one I got then?

    The one I just got mention "Inox 304"

    I found M6x16 12.9 but I will have to make a new order, they will ship from China and it will take +2 weeks:

  • Looks like you purchased stainless steel bolts, a quick google shows the yield strength difference is pretty huge (215MPa for Stainless 304 vs 1100MPa for 12.9). No idea if the original bolts really need to be that strong though...

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