CAUTION Steering Wheel not supported

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Hi, I just tried to update to the newest Firmware for the MacLaren GT3 v2. It stopped halfway through, and now the Display on my DD1 is blinking with the above error.

CAUTION Steering wheel not supported! Please update the Firmware!

If only... how do I proceed? I hope the wheel is not bricked.


  • After a restart and some unplugging, the Firmware Updater says the following:

    Error: Connect device failed(Error: Initial ping failure: No response received for ping command.).

    Power OFF the wheel base and retry update.

    If the problem persists, please contact FANATEC support.

    I’m scared.

  • This is maddening...

    I plugged in another wheel, updated it Podium Hub, then switched back to the MacLaren. Now there's an alert stating:

    Connected CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Playstation 4 does not need firmware update.

    Somebody, please help. I need the GT wheel tonight. 😭

  • Looks like the wheel is dead and you should contact the support.

    You wont be able to use it tonight..

  • Marcus FehnMarcus Fehn Member
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    Ok. Support means via the website?

    Because the site says technical support is disabled for the time being, so... where do I go to even request to send in the wheel?

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