ClubSport Wheel Formula V2.5 - Joystick is not centered


I would like to open a discussion on this topic. I use my left joystick on the Formula V2.5 in ACC and AM2 to change the seat position in VR. I had about February then made a firmware update to the latest version of my Fanatec hardware and subsequently I had the problem that my seat position is changing slowly but steadily. I then read out the raw values in SimHub and found that my joystick was not exactly centered in the middle position on the X axis. The values are output from 0-65536 which corresponds to 16 bit. The center is mathematically 32767. Which is also the case with the Y-axis. But not for the X-axis. 

So I talked to the support. I sent in the steering wheel and it was confirmed that this is identical on all these models from Fanatec. I am now getting my steering wheel back. 32511 is unfortunately not half of 65536. I think there is a bug in the firmware or driver here. At least I think this can be fixed. It worked before, but only after the firmware update it was broken. A firmware downgrade did not help either.

Please dear Fanatec team, can you fix this? 

Has anyone observed the problem? Do you have a workaround? Thank you!

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