RMA "NEW" Base not recognise wheel..

Got a replacement base today as RMA. Gt dd pro 1, the base was already up to date when it was delivered and it doesn't recognize my steering wheel, sees the clubsport v2 instead of my v2.5. so it is also not recognized in f1 2021. i have already tried everything but nothing helps.

cant downgrade the firmware also my pc detect fanatec wheel in stead of clubsport v2.5 like it supposed to do..

I've already uninstalled the hardware and software but still no luck.


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    That is absolutely normal and no issue.

    A Formula v2.5 technically is a Formula v2. They use rhe exact same electronics and share the exact same Firmware.

    The driver therefore can not differentiate them.

    But it's just the image which is not the "real" one. All features will work just fine.

    It's planned to implement Alternative Pictures of every Formula v2 variant in the UI in the future so you then can manually select the "correct" wheel.

    Also every new Fanatec Base is named "FANATEC Wheel" without a specific Name, so the naming in the Gamecontroller Menu is also absolutely correct and no issue.

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