Fanatec GT DD PRO issues

Does anyone had a problem with vibration, shaking and strange noises with this wheelbase like in the video below. My wheelbase started doing this problem last week and i dont know what to do

This never done a noise like this before. But since last week until now its getting worse. Today i recorded a video and i opened a RMA for the manufacter look on this issue because this doesnt look good.


  • Mo DMo D Member

    Hello Bruno,

    I can not agree with your statement, that this kind of manner is new. Maybe it’s new for you because you did not recognize it before.

    The problem here is not the hardware itself. It’s the game (GT 7) which causes this strange vibrations only at a certain amount of speed. Or did you have this vibrations in other games? 

    And of course it’s getting worse if you try to cause this situation ever and ever again… So my advice to you is… play the game as provided for -> drive fast. Your hardware will be very thankful : )

    But to be clear… Polyphony Digital has to solve this problem in the near future.

  • Okay. Im having crazy oscillations while im driving straight at higher speed too. I already test on ACC and the vibration continues and high speed oscillation of the steering wheel driving straight. This affects my driving experience a lot. Does anyone know how to sort it out? I already tried fanatec settings but the problem remains

  • Bruno, have you tried resetting your ACC as well as the Fanatec settings. The suggested Fanatec settings did not work for me so I started from scratch and it's much better. Probably in your settings.

  • I did what fanatec said me to do and with the new update on gran turismo 7 the high speed oscillation reduced a bit. But the noisw and the problem that i showed on the video persists. On the Acc the problems that i had with the shaking and the oscillations got solved or minimized in a way that i cant feel it anymore. I didnt played a lot sinced then because im too busy atm., but during this week i will test it better.

    Like fanatec said me maybe this is a software problem. I wasnt aware the importance that the drivers and firmware have on the wheelbase. I had all updated but something happened that created a bunch of malfunctions on the component. When i uninstalled and re installed everything the things get better. The oscillation and shaking at high speed got better. The problem that i show on the video persists but right now i believe that problem is a software issue between PD and fanatec that didnt get solved yet but with more updates and tests they could solve it through software data. Maybe its not mechanical fault / issue of the component but a software issue. Lets see. Its my first fanatec wheel drive and when this happened i started reading the issues that the people had and i felt scared and thinking that its a mechanical issue. Thats why i started the discussion and started and RMA with fanatec, trying to understand if this is a mechanical problem or not. Lets see what happens. Btw i know that everyone claim on them with the waiting time until they answer to the rma but they answer me in 10 days.

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