Clubsport V3 issue

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I just received my GT pro DD, connect my V3 pedals to it but the pedals are not working in games. I been having my V3’s for a few years now but I always connected directly into my pc which they still work that way. But they don’t work connected to the wheel base. I have the latest drivers. Any help will be appreciated.

Edit: Trying to use the base and pedals on a ps5. Tried GT7 and ACC but the pedals are not being detected.


  • Hi!

    I got V3 in the past months, used 2 hours maybe to test my also brand new DD Pro, on PS5, with ACC and GT7.

    No issues at all, I did not update the V3 because I read that the best option is fw 1.30 and not 1.31..but it shouldn't be the very source of your problem.

    I believe you already know not to connect the V3 with usb and rj at the same time.

    Wich usb port are you using on PS5? I've read that sometimes the front ports aren't the nicest option, so I got it connected on one of the back usb ports, it doesn't matter which one.

    HAven't had any issues with the CSL elite and csl pedals lc (old ones), moving from ps4 to ps5 immeadiately operative, and after on PS5...and as I said no issues with the same configuration you have.

    If something comes up to my mind I'll let you know, but everything was pretty straightforward to me.


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