Tired of the wait

Since Fanatec has nothing around my budget in stock and I'm not pre ordering so I can sit around for months waiting and waiting and waiting, I'm thinking about going the Moza R9 route. The only issue I have with Moza is their wheelbase doesn't use 3rd party wheels. I may still get the Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals since the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint are several hundred more. This is an expensive hobby for an old coot like myself.


  • I totally get it, at the end of the day bucking up for the better stuff you'd want in the long haul will be better.

    obv don't need to stretch the budget much depending on your financial situation but if you can do it, get what you want regardless of price. the wait sucked for me but the best thing is to order it and try to forget about it till it ships or shows up lmao.

    Best of luck!

  • FWIW, though Moza only have 2 wheels currently available, everyone seems to have reviewed them quite favorably. Plus, they're rumored to be working on more lower-priced wheel options as well.

    Might also be worth considering the Simagic Alpha Mini. The base is only a couple hundred more expensive than the R9, but from what I've seen, it looks like you are able to use wheels from other ecosystems.

  • I was a fanatec customer but i just sold up and now I’m a simucube custome, they are leaps and bounds above fanatec, simucube are the way forward take a look.

  • It's an expensive hobby, that's it. ๐Ÿ˜…

    What I would do? well if I had a PC I'd surely put my money on Simucube or the Apha Mini as Gregg suggested...I'm on Fanatec because at the moment I'm on console only and have no immediate plans for adding a proper pc, and the only available DD on console is by Fanatec.

    IF you can't put the money together now..wait....wait few months, don't order Fanatec, don't go down to the Fanatec route now...it's like a roll of a dice, plain and simple.

    I've never had issues with Fanatec gear so far, since 2017 and around 3k euros spent....but the latest and newst stuff has only 2 hours of operativity and I can't say that's good....I simply don't have the time to put it on the test and make conclusions.

    IT's the worst moment ever to buy Fanatec, and all because the customer service being insanely poor, add this to several unhappy and unlucky customers with defective gear and the disaster recipe is served....you may spend weeks in waiting and frustration if any of your gear is faulty or broken.

    I know that's quite harsh to say but it is what it is, we have to be honest.

    So my advice, not requested I know, is to go somewhere else. Or maybe you can wait few months and see how the Fanatec keep up with quality gear and, mostly, customer service...because we all want this situation to get better, I loved and still love my csl elite base, pedals, and also the new stuff....I'm ok to stay in this ecosystem but knowing of such a bad support I need the 'good luck' to shine bright and strong all along.


  • I appreciate all the replies and recommendations. I'll check out the Simagic Alpha Mini wheelbase. The Simicube wheelbases are over my budget as of now, but that could change if I don't upgrade to a new dedicated gaming PC. Here is a breakdown of my "budget":

    Budget $5000-$6000

    Rig with seat $800-$1000

    Wheelbase $500-$800

    Wheel $200-$400

    Pedals $300-$500

    49" Monitor $1000-$1200

    Total $3400-$4000

    (Maybe) SFX-100 Motion Platform $1500-$2000

    (Maybe) New Desktop $1000-$2000

  • Man seriously, ok. We understand you were not happy with Fanatec. BUT do you have to go in each and every thread and say that you sold all your gear and went to this gear or the other gear etc?

    It is getting a bit tiring. ๐Ÿ™„

  • I can only respect Alberto‘s comments and arguments and can recommend you take his points seriously.

    As to Lee posting that he gave up his fanatec stuff, I can only say this, here is a customer that was seriously burned and he wants others to know so they can see his experience and inform themselves and decide, as Alberto says if they want to „roll the dice“ I don’t think shouting on the rooftops gets tiring at all because for Lee it’s a personal experience and he has the motivation to vocalise. Why would you want to suppress his experience and journey that he has now left fanatec for another brand? Competition is good and it forces respective companies to give their customers better products and improve in general.

    My problem is more that fanatec is on a daily basis deciding to say nothing to all these stranded customers. They monitor these threads and see their customers hurting but say nothing and offer nothing. Before Lee and others took the drastic route to jump ship why didn’t fanatec reach out to them and say „dear customer we are aware of your issue and this how we want to help you“ rather this silence shows that they are not here for the love of simracing and helping others with smooth journey into this hobby but other reasons probably driven by greed and bottom lines. Helping the customer seems to be nowhere on their scale of priorities. It is really looks very arrogant actually as meanwhile on social media, fanatec is posting about event x and piece of news y but saying nothing about their customer support, supply and qc problems.

  • Hi Alexandros!

    Well I guess you have to ask this to all the customers in line, waiting with precious faulty stuff (quite often out of the box), even for a simple 'acknowlegment' of their requests, and others without a single word even.

    I'm sure they're reasonably 'tired' as you said, but for sure not by Lee's comments, what do you think?.

    I totally get what you mean and I equally and totally do not agree...Lee is free to comment wherever he likes to, especially after his own experience with Fanatec has forced him to move away. He has all the motivation and right to do so, with proper language of course.

    And until Fanatec's forum is a free place where we can express our opinions, bad or good it doesn't matter, and until we mantain a level of 'fairness' and respect.

    Two elements that are lacking from the company itself, undeniably.

    And, again, as today I'm one of us customers with zero issues records....but this doesn't mean I am ok with the situation and what's happening to a lot of 'us'. Because tomorrow I could be one of the unlucky fellow enthusiast simracers....and trust me I don't want to go there.

    Do you?.

    Don't get me wrong, this is not 'complaining' at all; I still do not get why Fanatec has not written a single word on the blog about this tough moment, for the customers and of course for them as a company trying to keep up, it's pretty obvious.

    We all want the company to prosper, create new products, be closer and closer to the community, it's something beneficial for us all....and we have the rights to enjoy the stuff we've paid for....and that's include a proper and realiable customer service and assistance, and respect.

    A big "ciao" to you all, wishing my best to those waiting for any kind of customer service reply/assistance/whatever.

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    buddy is not a problem that he voices his experience (good or bad, I don't even know). Haven't checked what was his issues. I am just saying move on. It is getting tiring for other users to read the same and same and same thing again in almost every post from the same person.

    For example you don't see me saying in every post that for the past 2-3 years in all of my set ups I own never faced an issue. 0.. Actual 0.

    The one time I have needed support (for an elastomer) they were fast and they didn't even have to answer me cause I have bought through other channels and not from Fanatec direct. But they still did and offered a solution to me..

  • Alberto read the above as well.

    And yes. You guys are frustrated, tired, feeling cheated.

    Although I have faced 0 issues, I have also stated numerous times that is not acceptable for the customer support to take that much time, and yes I have proposed other channels and yes I have suggest solutions and yes I have offered ideas or how to fix some stuff from my small knowledge so far...

    But you don't see me repeating, and repeating and repeating myself. That was my comment.

    Warn potential buyers. Yes.

    State your experience. Yes...

    Compare to competition... Full on... Yes...

    But come on. Almost each of his post is the same. Sold my gear, moved on yeadah yadah yadah... Every time I see last poster is Lee I know what the post will be. Especially after he sold his equiptment... ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Well I'm pretty sure he's also giving proper advices or 'support' here and there in the forum, yes he's adding a grain of sarcasm but again, why would you care? ๐Ÿคท

    I don't really get why you're so 'bored' or annoyed by his comments, I think you're perfectly able to skip his comments....it should be easy...you read his name...move on. I believe that sometimes along the way he'll leave the forum for good, movin' on as you wrote.

    Personally I'm more 'annoyed' by the company's silence, and very curious to see when, or if, they're gonna publish some sort of acknowledgment.

    Have a wonderful day!


  • Yes…. I’m trying to get a point across, fanatec is not what every one seems to portray it to be, it shoddy construction and shoddy customer service need to be said, out loud, instead of shills saying its the best thing since sliced bread, when a lot of the customer base can only just afford it, when they would be better served getting into thrustmaster and saving up for quality equipment, when shill’s shout out this is the best when its clearly not and the company have clearly over reached themselves, and a testament to this is the silence form endor/fanatec, yes i will be leaving the forum shortly but i have been burned by this company’s support and its clear that others are in the same boat, if you don’t like what I’m saying, just don’t read my comments I’m guessing your an adult and able to make your own decisions.

  • Seems like I opened a can of worms by deciding not to go the Fanatec Wheelbase route ๐Ÿ˜. It does appear that there are a high number of customers who are receiving hardware that doesn't work out of the box or breaks down after a few months. But then again, how many customers never have any issues and just don't express their positive reviews here? I'm very interested in the Clubsport V3 pedals (In Stock) since I've read mostly positive reviews on the Internet. I just wish there were more companies within the U.S. that manufactured DD Wheelbases, Rigs etc... in case there were hardware problems. Much easier for me and other folks who live here to ship back to a U.S. company than Europe.

  • Well for what it's worth, when you have to RMA a Fanatec product and you live in the US, the return goes to California, not Europe. So that's good, at least.

  • Hi Alexandros!

    Yes mate, I get your point, I really do, trust me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But I also get his point, and that's it, and I'm not annoyed at all by that.

    I'm perfectly fine with both and again, you're perfectly capable to decide and skip 100% of his comments when you see his name.

    C'mon, have a great day! ๐Ÿป


  • I think this forum needs people like Lee to take the time to post his experience. There are others who have just sold up and not bothered to put their experiences out there.

    On the other hand there are customers who have bought Famatec products and their equipment is all working fine and have not come on here to report.

    My CSL DD/McLaren v2 is all working fine. No issues. I had the CSL pedals too, all fine, but when I decided to upgrade, I went with VRS. Why? Concerned if anything goes wrong, it will be bad for my mental health. Am I thinking of upgrading my base, yes, why? 8nm is looking a tad low. Will I get a Fanatec base, no. Why? Customer service. I rather risk it with another company as I know Fanatec has the worst customer service that I have heard of.

  • Hey Lee, how about throwing a comma and period in once in awhile, I'm out of breath reading that comment. ๐Ÿ˜ I do appreciate you posting your experience concerning your Fanatec hardware. I think if a company has poor customer support despite being very popular, it eventually bites them in the ass, well some of the time. Amazon, Tesla, UPS and Fed Ex are some of the exceptions. Btw, I worked at UPS for 34 years. But in today's world, the misinformation strategy via the internet is common place. No doubt that competing companies and fanboys of certain products will create fake accounts on forums, FB and Twitter, then make false defamatory statements about other company's products. That seed of doubt eventually grows into a 1000' high Beanstalk of doubt for companies. I'm not saying that is happening here at Fanatec Forum, but it does happen elsewhere and will continue until someone changes the Matrix code ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Hi Scott i am in total agreement with you,

    having worked for Microsoft and Sony in high profiled positions, I as you see the bigger picture, and have seen so many companies fall due to lack of support, and I believe Fanatec are now in this trap, now don’t get me wrong, i was super impressed with the upgrades i did from my g29 to the csl elite, i had a few issues with the equipment making odd noises but i was happy with the equipment, then came the unannounced discontinuation of the belt drive cls range in favour of the new and shiny cls DD, i did the same as many and preordered mine as soon as i could, but even at this point fanatec had made at least 4 errors with my order, now i must impress that i had the cls DD, 3 different wheels and the club sport v3 pedal set, and they were very good, but the attention to detail was lacking in the new equipment, and having a lot of friends with top YouTube sim racers that were not using fanatec i was confused, until the current issues with fanatec customer service, and this video, its a bit slow to watch but if you can make it through, when any one finds fault with fanatec equipment and suggest fix’s, fantec just chuck on a band aid, I really believe that is why they have the issues now.

    you will understand why im posting, its more about attitude and providing a quality product, check out this vid.


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