5nm Power pack completely dead in less than 4 hours

I've been fairly patient with customer service, I understand a time difference and the responses I did receive happen around 2:00am EST, I'm rarely awake at this time.

Got about 4 hours of use on an almost $800 investment, if this was anyone else they'd be fuming. The Wheel shuts off on me mid race, I check all my connections, outlets, etc. I notice the green light on the power pack is very dim & flickering thought to myself Odd cause every time I've looked at it this has been way brighter.

Yes, it's connected to a surge protector I would be silly not to do this with how much this costed.

I reached out and provided all the necessary information customer service asked me to provide. A brief explanation and a video. No response for about 5 days. I asked politely for an update and I'm told by customer service; I'm afraid we were unable to receive the previous email due to a bug. Could you send the video again by replying to this message please?

I resent it with the video attached and just to be on the safe side a link to my google drive with the video to be viewed with anyone that has the link. No return email.. I've sent another email asking if it was received.

At this point frustrated with a $800 sim that doesn't work.


Can we work together to get to a resolution?


  • Sadly, your case is not at all uncommon these days. Customer service has been completely overwhelmed for several months now, apparently as a result of rapid sales growth, questionable QC practices, and a failure to bolster their CS staff in tandem with their sales growth.

    Fanatec have been so inundated that they've shut down their customer service hotline, supposedly to be better able to handle email requests. And as a result, their email servers overflowed.

    Current email response time seems to be about 2-3 weeks. So unfortunately, I wouldn't expect a resolution to your problem any time soon. Saddle up and get ready to wait like so many others.

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    I would recommend you bite the bullet and buy the 8nm pack While your support ticket is open and return the boost kit in the 14 day window. It’s not an ideal solution but if you want to have a functioning wheel in the meantime it’s the only way. You will be waiting 2-3 weeks for a response as Gregg points out. Crazy that we have to resort to workarounds just to get enjoyment out of items we paid for with our hard earned cash.

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