Switching from xbox mode to pc mode mid race - ClubSport v2.5 with McLaren GT3 v2


I’ve seen a few posts about this in the past, but with no real solution.

For the last 3-4 weeks, my wheel base has been randomly switching from Xbox mode to PC mode when I’m racing in F1 2021 on Xbox Series X with my ClubSport v2.5 wheel base and McLaren GT3 v2 wheel rim. There’s no pattern and it can happen any time with no warning and it’s getting quite frustrating as I’ve thrown away two league races now, as it just cuts out and I end up straight lining into the wall.

I don’t want to say I’ve tried everything, but I have tried a lot of things. Firmware, drivers all up to date, I’ve tried ensuring my rim is tightened correctly, my buttons are not mapped so that I can switch in game as one of the buttons I don’t even use. I also don’t believe that it’s anything to do with the game cause either, because I’ve seen other people have the issue in other games such as Assetto Corsa. If anyone has had this issue and fixed it please let me know how.



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