Club sport hand-break v1.5, handle bolts welded.

Dean HolmesDean Holmes Member
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Received my brand new Club Sport hand-break, love it, works well. This is not a moan or a complaint, it works out of the box, just an FYI.

I needed to flip the handle, I don’t have a full rig yet, using the Next Level racing stand 2, the handle would have hit the frame the way it ships, instructions and YouTube, it’s a quick fix. Take off the cover, take out two bolts, turn and put the bolts back in.

Wow the bolts where tight, rounded two cheaper Alan Head Wrenches, luckily I had some steel extra long from my engineering days lying around. These where all steel, 8 inches long, trust me you need that for leverage. Still took some force, even thought I might have to get the breaker bar on them.

It’s all done, handle flipped, works great and I love the hand-break, but the bolts where unnecessarily over tightened, I didn’t see any thread lock on them either.

if you want these and need to flip the handle, get a 3/16 steel hex/Alan wrench

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