BMW M2 GT3 on DD Pro Wheelbase


i bought a BMW M2 GT3 on the used market, i mounted it to my DD Pro Wheelbase, it was a little resistance to slide it in, but nothing serious (i thought its normal, my Base is new). The other Wheel had the quick release light, so it was the first using this type.

But now i have the problem, i can't get it off. Did anyone experienced something like that and is there a solution? I don't want to damage the Wheel, or Wheelbase.



  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    I assume you’re referring to the M3 GT2 ? Just make sure the “Release Sleeve” is pulled all the way back and you should be fine to remove it with a bit of force.

  • yes, sorry misstyped that, the m3 gt2.

    Its not possible, but i'll contact fanatec.

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