DDPro/CSLDD dead zone question...

I am fine tuning the FFB on all my Sims with the new DDPro wheel base, and I cant get AC right. Specifically, in turns.


Slowish tight turn, (turn 3 right after the bridge and brands hatch driving lotus Elisesc1), as you turn in, you reach a point in the rotation and the wheel goes limp. Almost as though there is a break over point in the steering, or a dead zone. rotation is set to 900 in game/on the wheel and wheel on the screen matches my input. 

I cannot figure out what setting is causing it. This is the only sim that does it. 

The other situation is the over exaggeration at Speed down the long straight where flat out, the wheel has an active deadzone. I know this is on purpose, but it should not feel like I am on ice with no feed back at all. For this I increased friction on the wheel, but its too much.


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