Fanatec are an absolute disgrace in Support Department...Avoid

Very rarely do i write reviews or give feedback on companies but this needs brought to the attention of Fanatec Buyers that may run into issues regarding support issues or RMA send back.

Had problems with the Fanatec shifter since Febuary this year (driver issues and the handbrake not recognising) I then contacted support over the last few months as is stopped working completely. After near 5 weeks of emails stating try different ports and drivers they finally decided to RMA. I was then contacted after a week to RMA and it would be picked up on Wednesday 25 by DPD. I stayed off work and awaited the pickup, to be then told DPD are to busy and wont be picking it up today ( this in fairness is an issue with DPD)

However i sat in today expecting it to be picked up the following day.....again nothing, no contact from DPD or Fanatec.

I have contacted Fanatec over the last few weeks asking to even speak to a Supervisor regarding the time frame for a simple RMA and they have avoided all contact.

Last year i spent over 10 thousand pounds on Motion Simulator rig and had faith in buying the pedals/Shifter/Wheel and Handbrake from Fanatec over £2000 worth of products. Now we as buyers are getting told that Support has major issues with high customers and they will get back to you in good time.....This alone sets alarms bells for me as it may suggest a lot of people have issues with their products, hence the wait.

Now at the moment i only have issues with a handbrake which in itself hold me ( simulator groups) my kids plus the local disability school back that use this machine for rally games etc....which they are used to.

Im now seriously considering never buying products again from Fanatec if this simple issue regarding a handbrake let alone a wheel base or pedals cannot be fixed or looked into at a quicker pace.

Now the only contact i have had is Fanatec stating they are busy and working from home....this now is becoming inexcusable.

I had 2 issues in the last year regarding my VR Valve Index,the first issue was fixed within 2 weeks of contact in the middle of this pandemic,it was fixed very quickly and with no fuss,constant support emailing me and keeping me well informed. The second issue was in January over a controller,Valve sent out a replacement within 4 days before i had even shipped back my faulty controller.......This is also a company working from home and during a Pandemic...but they keep in touch and let you know whats going on at ever stage.

Fanatec have been a disgrace since Day 1 back in Febuary,barely any emails,no proper contact and left me witha faulty item that affects many others other than me.

Im not interested now in PMs from Mods stating they have been looking into it when nothing gets done over and over each day.

I should have listened to others last year before Purchasing these products as i see many users stating that Support is an embarrassment from slow emails to phone calls getting cut off etc etc.

In the financial problematic times we live in you should be grateful Sim racers buy from you over other companies.

Shame on you Fanatec.


  • It is the smaller companies that will take better care of you.

    As a company grows, they need more “middle-management” fat-cats who are only looking at numbers and meeting targets. Customer service is the 1st place to look at in costs reductions, just so they can justify their wages.

  • Not necessarily.

    Valve are a big company and as stated during the Pandemic they always kept in touch and issued refunds/Rma's etc etc no problem.

    Its just downright ignorance and i hope that buyers are aware of these situations with Fanatec

  • Yeah, in this case, I don't think it's so much to do with Fanatec's size as a company as it is due to lack of foresight, poor planning, poor crisis management, and poor customer relations throughout.

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