CSL load cell


I broke the cable on the load cell while fiddling with it after a few beers. Normally id repair the wire itself but it's broken right at the load cell itself and I have no cable remaining to join the wires.

Can I purchase a load cell seperately? I see load cells available for purchase for other models. I have emailed support but they want me to send it back across the world for a quote to repair..



  • Any help appreciated

  • Are your pedals out of warranty? Why would they need you to ship it "across the world" (where are you located?) to quote you a repair cost?

    Are you not able to provide them pictures/ video of your situation? If it's as clear-cut as you describe, I'd think they should just be able to send you a replacement load cell and be done, no?

  • Hi Greg

    I purchased the pedal about a month ago. I have sent Fanatec a couple of emails with pictures. Last email was sent a week ago with no response.

    I'm in Australia.

  • Hmm...I had just assumed that Fanatec have a service outlet in addition to their retail outlet in Australia, similar to their presence in North America. Is that not the case?

    If they can't or aren't willing to ship you a replacement part, then I guess it looks like you may need to sit through the RMA process. I know I've seen other load cells available on eBay and the like, but I'm not sure if those would work with your CSL pedals. They might, but I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable in that regard.

  • If anyone is interested...

    I got a quote to repair the wire (replace the load cell) $218...

    A bit rich considering load cells for other pedals are listed are listed on there site for $29.95 and are available to purchase.

    I can't believe I'm unable to purchase this part on it's own

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